Nick Offerman Proclaims His Love Of Drinking Whiskey


Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman, sings us an ode to one of his favorite loves in life, whiskey.

In ‘My Tales of Whiskey,’ a music video via the beverage company Diageo, Offerman shows us the love he has for drinking but shows us that there are some limitations on where and when he can kick one back. For instance,he lets us know that it is impossible to drink whiskey while strumming his guitar and singing, and he can’t drink and ride his horse Flowers others wise he will end up with a wet crotch, and he can’t cut wood in his shed while under the influence because he wants to keep his fingers.

Its a cute little song and a great music video as we a watch Offerman ride a horse, sing in a castle, and heard sheep. He reminds you that although there are limitations to drinking “Sonny, don’t hesitate, raise a glass with your mate. Or if you’re lucky, a glass with your lass.”

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