Nick Marshall And Devin Gardner Both Set To Switch From Quarterback In The NFL



Nick Marshall and Devin Gardner are the two most recent quarterbacks who have decided that they will play a different position in the NFL. It has been a wise decision by some since there are many more available spots on a team, and often only one quarterback who gets playing time.

Typically, the players who switch are not the biggest stars while in college or tend to play limited time in their secondary positions while in college, which makes the transition for Nick Marshall so puzzling.

While Devin Gardner played both quarterback and wide receiver for Michigan over the 2014 season, Nick Marshall was the starting quarterback for the past 2 years at Auburn and even led the team to the 2014 BCS title game. He threw for more than 4,500 yards and rushed for nearly 2,500 more, stats that you’d think would translate better to an offensive minded player.

Nick Marshall plans to play on the defensive side of the ball upon entering the NFL, which is almost unheard of. Most players, such as Antwaan Randle El and Julian Edelman switch to a position like wide receiver, which is what Devin Gardner plans to do.

Edelman, of course, is the most well-known to do this in recent years, particularly due to one trick play that fooled the Baltimore Ravens and everyone else in the country during their playoff game last season.

Perhaps there is just something strange going on with Michigan quarterbacks since their last quarterback Denard Robinson was a big runner as well and switched to the running back position after leaving for the NFL, currently playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Nick Marshall is currently ranked as the No.33 cornerback by ESPN while Devin Gardner is the No.57 ranked wide receiver. Whether either one of them will have success in the NFL or not will be determined in the coming seasons, but there is no doubt that the position change will be tough on both of them.

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