“Broke” Nick Lachey Vanessa Minnillo Can’t Afford Dream Wedding


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A cash-strapped Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are putting their wedding plans on hold until the size of their wallets can compare to the depth of their love. Together since 2007, the lovin’ twosome is finally ready to tie the knot — but they can’t afford the splashy dream wedding they have their hearts set on, insiders told The National Enquirer this week.

“It’s frustrating,” says a pal of the couple, who asked to remain anonymous. “They finally made the big decision to spend the rest of their lives together, and now a cash flow issue seems to be standing in the way of their dream wedding.”

Nick, 36, was expecting to pay for the ceremony with the advance he was due to take in from the release of his upcoming album, Coming Up For Air. That plan fell through after Nick’s label shelved the project indefinitely.

“He was crushed. Now almost all his money is tied up in that project.”

For now, Nick is surviving with the help of hosting gigs. (Maybe he can replace Simon on American Idol? God knows everyone else is throwing a hat in the ring…..)

The bride-to-be’s bank accounts are just as bare. The ex-Miss Teen USA quit her job as a MTV VJ to pursue a career in acting — but the big roles just haven’t been coming, says the spy. Vanessa, now 29, is said to be “desperately looking for working” and learning to “pinch pennies” in order to stay afloat financially. N&V have even taken to flying coach when they can’t afford first class seating.

(Can you imagine the horror?!)

A former MTV Newlywed, Nick turned his marriage to singer/actress Jessica Simpson into a cash-generating machine. Friends say the crooner is discouraged that he can’t give Vanessa an equally-beautiful wedding.

“It is as if neither one of them has the money to pay for an extravaganza….”


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