Nick Hogan Crash Victim Released From Hospital After Two Years


The Iraq War veteran who suffered a severe brain injury in a street race involving Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick Hogan, has been released from a Tampa hospital two years after the near-fatal crash. John Graziano, 24, left the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital with his mother Wednesday morning. In August 2007, Nick crashed into a…

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Nick Hogan Released From Jail


Nick Hogan was released from Pinellas County Jail in Florida at 12:30 a.m.Tuesday morning. He was greeted by his sister Brooke upon release. The 18-year-old served 160 days of a eight-month sentence for felony reckless driving. Nick pleaded no contest last May to charges stemming from an accident that left his friend John Graziano in…

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Nick Hogan Jail Release October 21

Nick Hogan will be released from a Florida jail on October 21. The 18-year-old son of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is being sprung from the pokey three months early after earning credits for good behavior and working.

Nick Hogan 18th Birthday Adult Jail Transfer

Happy Birthday, Nick. You’re going to Big Boy Prison! Nick Bollea will celebrate his 18th birthday this Sunday by moving from a juvenile prison into an adult facility.

Threatening Frank Graziano Hulk Hogan Voicemail Audio

The Hogans better run for cover. TMZ has obtained the audio of some threatening voicemails sent to Hulk Hogan by a person suspected to be Frank Graziano, the brother of John Graziano, the young Marine paralyzed in Nick Hogan’s August 2007 car crash. Frank thinks the Hogans are a family of “whores” and he can…

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Hulk Hogan “Larry King Live” Video

Hulk Hogan has gone on damage control after being exposed as an insensitive fraud by recorded jail conversations with his incarcerated seventeen year old son, Nick. During an appearance on Tuesday’s Larry King Live, Hulk admitted he made some negative comments about Nick’s paralyzed victim, John Graziano, during the recorded during phone calls, including discussing…

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Nick Hogan Solitary Confinement Transfer

Nick Hogan’s getting some company in the Big House. The seventeen year old son of Hulk Hogan has been transferred out of solitary confinement into a communal cell Pinellas County Jail in West Florida. Nick is now sharing living space with three other juvenile inmates.

Hulk Hogan Testimony Video Nick Hogan 8 Months Sentencing

Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke looked on as the veteran wrestler’s seventeen year old son, Nick, was sentenced to eight months in county jail on Friday. Listen to the embattled father’s passionate plea for leniency in this video clip. Nick pleaded no contest to causing a crash that seriously injured his best friend.

Nick Hogan Guilty! Gets 8 Month Prison Sentence

nick hogan wrecked car

Nick Hogan pled “no contest” and received an eight month jail sentence for his involvement the car accident which injured his friend, John Graziano. Nick Hogan potentially could have faced up to five years for reckless driving which resulted in serious bodily injury and a permanent vegetative state.

Linda Hogan Drag Racing Video ‘Vehicular Lunatics’

As Nick Hogan faces reckless driving charges for his part in a near fatal August crash on the Florida freeway, a movie called about street racing, entitled Vehicular Lunatics, has surfaced featuring Brooke Hogan, Linda Hogan, and Hulk Hogan praising the dangers of drag-racings.

Nick Hogan Racing Another Car Before Car Crash

Nick Hogan was racing another car moments before he lost control of his own vehicle and crashed into a tree, leaving a friend, who was a passenger in his Toyota Supra, in grave condition on Sunday night.