Nick Hogan 18th Birthday Adult Jail Transfer

Happy Birthday, Nick. You’re going to Big Boy Prison! Nick Bollea will celebrate his 18th birthday this Sunday by moving from a juvenile prison into an adult facility.

“Nick will be reclassified when he turns 18 on Sunday, July 27,” Nick’s attorney explains. “How the sheriff handles Nick’s situation at the Pinellas County facility at that time is at the [discretion] of the sheriff, and it is premature to judge what those housing conditions might be.”
“We will be monitoring the situation with the hope that any adjustment to Nick’s housing that the sheriff might make is appropriate and proper,” he added.

The one-time reality personality is currently serving an eight-month sentence on a felony charge of reckless driving in relation to an August 2007 crash that left former Marine John Graziano is permanent vegetative state.

(Serves him right. Let’s hope Nick learns a little something about being responsible for our actions. To anyone who feels young Mr. Bollea is being treated unfairly, feel free to check out this very graphic video of the HOLE Nick’s need for speed left in his friend’s head. Don’t drop the soap, Nick.)

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