Nick Cannon Mariah Carey Home Phone Number Revealed LIVE On Radio Show

Remind us to never trust Nick Cannon with anything of importance; ie: Our vintage Cabbage Patch Collection, the mood ring we won in the second-grade spelling bee, or OUR HOME TELEPHONE NUMBER!

The rapper/talent show host/AM drive man will likely be riding couch duty after he dropped his actual home phone number during his Manhattan morning radio, Rollin’ with Nick Cannon, on Thursday. Perhaps not surprisingly, his heavily pregnant wife, singing star Mariah Carey, wasn’t very happy about that.

See, with Mariah due next month (May 11, to be exact…) Nick will be going on paternity leave soon and he wants to find a unique keep in touch with his fans while he’s away. Hey dude, ever heard of Twitter? It wasn’t long before Mariah received an early morning call from an eager fan.

“My wife is going to kill me over this… Just gave out my home phone number on air and my pregnant wife picked up the line oops!” Cannon Tweeted this afternoon.

“Home phone numbers are just like Twitter anyway. I use this more than I use my home phone. So what’s the big deal? Think my wife will be mad at me? Lol (laugh out loud)… I don’t care. I’m the man!!”

If this is any indication of Nick’s maturity level, no wonder Mariah’s been pregnant for so long. If we were the Cannon Twins, chances are we’d be in no hurry to meet our daddy either! Stay in there as long as you can, Kids

And if you’d just like to send Madame Butterfly and the in-utero twins your well-wishes, feel free to hit Nick and Mariah up at 212-524-2998.

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