Next Stop for Justin Bieber: Rehab?



Hollywood’s worst kept secret is a secret no more: Justin Bieber’s well on his way to becoming the next Lindsay Lohan.

Complete with a drug habit.

Word on the curb is the wildchild star’s Calabasas home was littered with drugs and drug paraphernalia when Los Angeles County cops descended on it last week.

The authorities were there to serve a search warrant as part of the investigation into an egging in Bieber’s neighborhood earlier this month. Investigators were looking for evidence linking Biebs to an egg attack which caused $20,000 worth of damage to a neighbor’s home.

Apparently, the law found more than they bargained for. New reports suggest the 19-year-old “Baby” singer has a “dedicated smoking room” and jars of marijuana peppered around the house. And, according to TMZ, officials with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spied “two large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view… three bongs…’swisher sweets’ cigars.” There are even allegations of ecstasy and Xanax being found on the premises.

Despite the drug findings, police have not charged Bieber. Instead, his rapper Lil Za was arrested and charged with cocaine possession.

Spies tell that Justin remains “furious” over the raid.

“He is obviously upset that cops basically had free rein and are going through his personal belongings in his house.”


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