Newsflash: Paula Abdul Is A Diva…

This may surprise you, but Paula Abdul isn’t the easiest woman in America to work for.

Yeah — we were shocked too. (Insert eye-rolling here…)

The ’80s pop star/choreographer/talent show aficionado apparently has some “innerestin'” requirements for the staffers on her payroll. A few interesting tidbits have surfaced about alleged demands The X-Factor judge has recently been making of her staffers, according to Us Weekly. It seems every now and again the “Forever Your Girl” songstress — who’s notorious for bursting into tears at the drop of a hat — needs a little encouragement from her lackies. What kinda “encouragement” you ask? Well, work for a Paula Abdul employee are instructed to constantly remind her that she is, quote: “a warrior, a survivor and a gift.” Additionally, Paula’s staffers are responsible for reading her email and responding to them in her voice. Abdul employees are required to check TiVo for any mentions of Boss Lady and put then on a DVD. Paula even demands that one of them have a tape recorder on at all times because, quote: “She doesn’t trust her own conversations.”

We’ll never know how true any of this is, but it P.A. wasn’t kidding when she branded herself “a gift!”

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