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Newsflash: Britney Spears doesn’t know what she’s doing


I know this comes as a huge shocker to everyone, but a source from her management company told TMZ.com that Spear’s doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing. I have only one word to say to that: K-Fed.
Okay, I actually have a couple more. Like baby carseat, Vegas, sequened jump suit wedding, Crossroads and big snake. She’s clearly making good decisions.

The agency is annoyed that Spears reportedly became pregnant with a 2nd child just months after the birth of little dropped-on-his-head Sean Preston – and kept them in the dark about it. Britney really wants to pursue a movie career but finding her work is difficult when she’s CONSTANTLY PREGGERS. But other times, she changes her mind.

The agency said this: “She doesn’t need the money. So there’s not the usual desperate drive on her part. She’s constantly changing her mind. One minute she wants to be an actress, the next minute she wants to fly to Maui to record a new album. It seems like she’s not sure she knows what she wants to do, which makes being her agent frustrating.” Reports say that she’d had her heart set on a biobic about Janis Joplin. That must be a different Janis Joplin than the one I’m familiar with…


‘The View’ will be cutie pa-tudie!

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