New York’s Fall Fashion Week Leaves Britney Spears Feeling “Old”

The impeccable style of New York’s Fall Fashion Week isn’t rubbing off on Britney Spears-or her hair extensions.

City snitchs spied B.S in the bathroom of the Carlyle Hotel on Friday about 11 p.m complaining about her looks: “Y’all, I feel old! I’m 24, y’all. I feel old.”

According to the venomous tattle the former pop teen princess was wearing “a red tank minidress, no bra, and huge platform shoes” and had “nappy hair extensions.” They forgot to mention her still tagged little black dress. Perhaps she was going to try returning it to Forever 21?

An unknowning Brit even asked the tattles, “What should we do in New York? This place [the Carlyle] feels old.”

B.S was instructed to party at Tenjune Club instead.

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