New York Wheel To Dwarf London Eye When It Debuts In 2017

Bigger than London EyeThe New York Wheel is aiming to become the world’s largest observation wheel, dwarfing the London Eye. When completed the wheel will measure 630 feet high or 60 stories, making it the tallest of its kind in the United States. That’s 200 feet taller than London’s own 15-year-old observation wheel.

Currently, the world’s tallest moving observation wheel is in Las Vegas, Nevada, standing 550 feet high.

When the New York Wheel is complete passengers will be able to take 38 minute rides while enjoying amazing views of New York City.

New York Ferris Wheel
The construction site is located near the ferry terminal on Staten Island and will also have room for concerts, a beer garden, playground, and some venues for eating and drinking.

The New York Wheel is set to be finished in early 2017.

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