This Craigslist Apartment Ad Will Make You Less Co-Dependent On Roommates

Living in New York City from a tenant point of view sucks. You have to literally pay someone to help you find and secure an apartment and then you live in a shoebox if you don’t have thousands of dollars per month to spend on a killer pad. Throw in a horrible roommate who lays around your apartment naked and tries to feed you to their pregnant snake and you might just end up with a Craigslist ad like this one.

At first the Craigslist ad doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary.

Funny Craigslist Ad

$1,250 isn’t a bad price for similar Prospect Heights apartment in the area. For this particular Craigslist poster, it wasn’t worth the money.

Craigslist Roommate from Hell

Here’s to hoping that this guy made up most of his story, otherwise I feel really bad for his time spent with a roommate from hell.

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