New Year’s Eve Crunch Crumbs: Pastor Rips Off Parishioner; The Original Selena Earns Postage Stamp; Detroit Man Facing Jail Time For Snooping Through Cheating Wife’s Email

Happy New Year’s Eve! May ’11 bring Peace, Prosperity, and plenty of Cosmopolitans! Bring in 2011 like “It’s 1999,” but no drinking and driving! We’ve got more than 12 hours before party time, so for now Castina’s here to help you get your Daily Scoop of Celebrity Dish with a list of tantilizing holiday links.

Let’s go to it!

-Sandra, won’t you be our neighbor! Oscar winner Sandra Bullock tops a poll of the Top Five Most Desired Celebrity Neighbors. Late night funnyguy Conan O’Brien cracked the Top 5 too. Sadly, no one wants to live within a 100 mile raidus of the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Go figure…

-Soon-to-be Princess Kate Middleton will get her own wax statue at Madame Tussauds in London after the Royal Wedding in April…

-We’re so glad to hear that The Original Selena, The Queen of Tejano, will be honored with a US postage stamp! The Latin singing star, who was tragically killed in 1995 at the age of 23, is the youngest person to receive the honor this year.

-We get it. Airlines sometimes lose luggage. But how in God’s Green Acres did they manage to lose a German Shepherd!? They’re kinda hard to miss, guys! An Army couple’s beloved pooch mysteriously disappeared before being loaded onto a Delta Airlines flight in Atlanta on Christmas Eve. This is the second time that Delta has lost a customer’s dog in the past 12 months. Earlier this year, another couple’s canine vanished while reportedly being transported to a plane leaving Mexico….

-Elijah Wood will voice the animated Tron TV series out in 2012…

-After 16 years in prison for a robbery that netted $11, sister Jamie and Gladys Scott will soon be sprung from a Mississippi prison. And all it cost them was a kidney

-Pastor Pulls a Grinch. It’s hard out here for a pimp…and a pastor. Longtime Texas pastor Sandy McGriff has been charged with swiping fur coasts, designer handbags, and a computer from the home of one of her parishioners. Paster McGriff insists she was simply doing God’s work when she took the items for safekeeping after she arrived at the home of worshipper Serita Agnew and found a broken window. That story might fly if pigs had wings and one of Agnew’s neighbors hadn’t seen her breaking the window. McGriff faces charges of burglary and resisting arrest. Why yall? We don’t believe you. You need more people!

-For those who care: John Leguizamo is returning to Broadway

-Did you know that screen star Billy Baldwin is suing fellow actor Kevin Costner?

-An French model, whose more than decade-long battle with anorexia became the backbone of an anti-eating disorder campaign, has died…

-Jeggings: The Music Video….

-Triplets born 11 years apart?

-Buzz Aldrin suing trading card company

-Val Kilmer’s tax trouble

-Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell develops curve-friendly swimwear line

-Acid-tongued Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld wants you to buy a VW

-Yipee! Pixar Stamps!

-A Michigan factory worker who was the inspiration behind feminist icon Rosie the Riveter during the World War II era passed away this month…

-Former R&B heartthrobs Raz-B and Chris Brown had a homophobic slap fight on Twitter the other day. We would have expected more from a girl of Chris’ character!

-Newlywed NBA hoopster Carmelo Anthony lost his sister, Michelle, over the holidays..

-Lindsay Lohan is expanding her 6126 Leggings Line to include footwear….

-Nicole Richie will start the new year with a new husband and zero binds to the legal system

-Jazz musician Billy Taylor dead at 89

-Somebody come Pimp Xzibit’s Checking Account!

-Ouch! Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” has been named the Worst Music Video of 2010. That’s pretty impressive in a year that hosted raunchfests from Ke$ha and Keri Hilson…

-You may want to keep this in mind the next time you consider snooping through your spouse’s email. Leon Haywood of Detroit is facing felony hacking charges for breaking into his wife’s personal Gmail account, uncovering an affair the woman was having with her allegedly abusive ex…

Oakland County Man Faces Prison for Checking His Wife’s Email: