New Supergirl Promo Generates Excitement Where Original Trailer Fell Flat


New Supergirl promo -- more action packed in two minutes than in six minute trailer.

A new promo for Supergirl has been released, and the upcoming series is getting more attention than ever. Viewers who complained that the previous trailer looked more like a romance or soap opera than an adventure and superhero saga say the new clip is more of what they were hoping for. It’s hot, fast-paced, and full of action.

The promo released on Thursday is only two minutes long, but those two minutes focus largely on heroics, battle scenes, and Kara Danvers (played by Melissa Benoist) demanding to be taken seriously as a hero. You can see the new clip below.

It’s true that it’s a sharp contrast with the previous trailer, which spent far more time on Danvers’ relationship with her day-job boss, her co-workers, and her sister, and spends nearly a full minute of its six-minute length discussing Supergirl’s costume choices (skimpy style? no cape? polymer cape? ‘S’ or family crest?) There’s also a lot more time devoted to making sure the audience knows that Danvers’ boss is a jerk.

Though it also shows the plane rescue scene and a few other glimpses of Supergirl’s powers, the longer clip is clearly more focused on her regular life — which is certainly an important part of any hero’s story, but isn’t quite the excitement and draw that the action is.

The original trailer is below, if you’d like to compare.

For the full series, fans are expecting to see quite a bit of Kara’s pre-heroics life — according to Screenrant, speculation has grown about flashbacks and Kara’s life on Krypton since casting was announced for her mother, and even more so after an actress (Malina Weissman) was selected for a young Kara.

Of course, we see young Kara and her birth mother, Alura Zor-El (Laura Benanti), in the longer clip above — so we know that there is at least one scene establishing Kara Zor-El’s background story, and questions of how much more time will be spent on it are purely speculation at this point.

Supergirl will air on CBS Monday nights, beginning in November.

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