New Miley Cyrus Nude Picture Leak?

Miley Cyrus can’t seem to stop taking nude iPhone pics

Well that didn’t take long. Miley Cyrus just turned 18 about a week ago, and she’s already possibly facing a nude picture leak.

4chan got ahold of the alleged nude Miley Cyrus picture that seems to have been taken at the Westin Palace hotel and did some investigative work. Their conclusion after doing some CSI style investigating was that the photo is definitely Miley. This jibes with reports that Miley’s purse and phone were stolen earlier this week, and seems plausible after her stay earlier this month at the Westin Palace following the MTV Music Video Awards.

Nobody is 100% sure if the nude pic is actually Miley Cyrus, but here it is (along with other pictures that were allegedly on her phone), check it out and decide for yourself:

(click the thumbnail for large picture)

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