New Freddy Krueger Action Figure

The new Freddy Krueger action figure is definitely not for kids — nevertheless, it is giving horror fans their first glimpse at what Jackie Earle Haley will probably look like as the slashing dream slayer made famous by Robert Englund in the 1984 film A Nightmare On Elm Street.
New Freddy Krueger Photo

New Line Cinema has gone to great lengths to keep the new Freddy under wraps as Elm Street prepares to cut its way back into theaters in 2010. Now, however, thanks to collectible company NECA — who will be manfacturing this Freddy figurine — we’ve got a good idea what the new glove-wielding man looks like.

Kind of lacks the scary factor of Englund’s Freddy, don’t you think?

A Nightmare On Elm Street opens April 30, 2010.

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