New Condoms?….Its Gary Time!

Gary Shirley from the reality TV series Teen Mom is apparently starting his own condom business with his new personalized condoms. Gary is the ex-boyfriend of C and the baby daddy of her daughter. Gary posted varies images of the new contraceptive line on Twitter, revealing the rapper of the condoms has a picture of his face along with his Twitter account (@ItsGaryTime) printed on it, there is also a slogan “Put your Gary on! 99% “Gary”Nteed.” On it.


Gary-Condoms-467 by MGC.


Besides his new business venture, the father of 6-year-old Leah is also expecting his second child with his new girlfriend Kristina Anderson.

“Getting closer and closer til I have a new lil girl!” Gary tweeted in January

Gary had provided full time care in 2012 for his little girl Leah when his ex –girlfriend Amber Portwood had chosen to accept a five-year jail sentence in lieu of attending a rehab facility for substance abuse problems. She ended up serving just 17 months of her jail sentence. The co-parents currently share custody of their little girl.


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Their tumultuous relationship was chronicled on Teen Mom. The couple dealt with more than their share of problems such as domestic violence caught on camera, the culprit being Portwood with violence against Gary, to the issues with CPS. We will continue to see their story when the MTV series returns in March. Camera crews were waiting at Gary’s home when his new condom line arrived by mail. On Friday, Feb. 6, he showed a picture on tweet of two of the members of the MTV crew filming a table which was covered in his new condom brand.

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