Neverland Ranch Looted: Michael Jackson Hires Neverland Ranch Looters

Michael Jackson hired looters to “clean out” his abandoned Neverland Ranch in an effort to prevent many prized personal belongings from ending up on the auction block when the property falls to foreclosure later this month. The auction of the 2,800-acre Santa Maria County, California ranch would include all personal property, including furniture, rides and games.

“Michael was livid. He had been doing everything he could to pay off the taxes and loans to keep the property,” an insider told The National Enquirer.

“He instructed some close associates to remove some belongings at the estate so they wouldn’t face the auction block. The associates apparently got a little carried away – they ended up pillaging the place.”

“Some rooms are empty. But the rusting Ferris wheel is still out there. It’s going to take a crane to remove it.”

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