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Netflix Has An Important Message For You, Binge Responsibly Folks

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Netflix has become a popular streaming service for everyone, in large part, due to the ability to watch an entire season of a show in a matter of days, or sometimes less.

However, there is no doubt that this behavior has had a negative effect on some people’s social lives, and Netflix decided to gather up some of its original actors to deliver a series of 13 PSA clips about the dangers of binge-watching for their epic April Fool’s prank on customers.

The irony, of course, is that you will probably end up watching all 13 of these out of curiosity, and might still not do any of the things that the actors suggest in the videos. The list includes things such as taking a shower, doing your homework, or one that is especially important for many people to pay attention to, eating real food.

Netflix seems to be growing in popularity all the time with new shows being released and even partnerships for movies and they are sure to get people’s attention with this gag. Since it was released today as a joke, there is no telling how long the videos will be available, so you better go binge watch them now (wink wink).

The PSAs include messages from Taylor Schilling of Orange Is The New Black who tells viewers to recall a time when Frank Underwood and Crazy Eyes became your most important friends and to get out and see your real friends.

Linda Cardellini, unknown to some as a member of the network after her show Bloodline just premiered recently, is urging people to get some much needed sleep that they are clearly avoiding by all of the TV shows that they have been watching.

Netflix has provided each of its subscribers with a bit more entertainment than already available on this April Fool’s Day and in order to find the 13 PSAs, simply search “binge responsibly,” as if that is really a possibility.

Tell US: Do you plan to check out Netflix’s fake PSAs or are you too busy binge-watching their original shows?


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