Nervous Paula Abdul Super Bowl Pregame Show Performance Taped: Stage Fright Leads To Taped Super Bowl Pregame 2008 Performance For Paula Abdul

A shaking case of stage fright is keeping Paula Abdul from performing live during the Super Bowl XLII Pregame Show. The nervous American Idol judge unveiled her new single “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,” in a video segment that was taped before a studio audience Jan. 27. The performance is set to air Feb. 3 during pregame coverage from Glendale, Ariz.

“She is fragile emotionally and too much of a perfectionist to handle a live show,” a Paula source told OK! Magazine.

“Right now, the only people who really see Paula raw are the ‘Idol’ people. I think she knows that if the “real” Paula reared its head at the Super Bowl, there’s potential to have to do a lot of damage control.”

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