Ne-Yo Refuses To Write Songs About Britney’s K-Fed Affair

Super singer/songwriter/producer Ne-Yo has penned a number of tracks for Britney Spears’ upcoming “Comeback” album, but he has refused to write any songs chronicling the singer’s recent divorce and pantyless personal troubles.

“My whole thing is to stay away from the drama they been through. Because you got to know that every song that’s being submitted… has something to do with Kevin. Everybody is on that,” Ne-Yo told MTV.

“And I think maybe one or two songs addressing that is needed, ’cause people definitely want to hear (her) take on it. But not a whole album of that. Nobody wants to continue to hear: ‘I been through the rain and I’m still strong and I’m still here.’ “So my contribution is just regular songs. Regular, quality songs, that’s what I’m trying to do.”

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