NBA Investigates: Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Racist Rant Gone Viral

Donald Sterling — Los Angeles real estate magnate and owner of the NBA’s LA Clippers — apparently isn’t very fond of his much younger sugar baby girlfriend Instagramming with the “minorities.”

Imagine that.

On Saturday, TMZ and Deadspin released explosive audio of someone who sounds suspiciously like Sterling in full rant mode, sprouting off at galpal V. Stiviano over the twentysomething’s penchant for posting photos of African-Americans on her Instagram page.

A habit Sterling abhors.

The April 9 spat, in which Sterling allegedly makes the discriminatory remarks, was secretly recorded by Stiviano. Audio of the argument eventually made its way to the media, attracting the attention of NBA legends Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson and even President Barack Obama.

Stiviano claims she had nothing to do with the leak.

Donny Boy — whose Clippers roster is comprised largely of men of color (an understatement, really) — challenged Stiviano when she argued that his Jewish faith should make him more sympathetic to the plight of Blacks. See, Sterling insists he’s not racist.

In his words:

“There’s no racism here. If you don’t want to be walking into a basketball game with a certain person, is that racism?”


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has ordered an investigation into the Sterling scandal. This isn’t, after all, Donald Sterling’s first racial-charged controversy. In 2009, the businessman was sued for refusing to rent apartments to African-Americans and Latinos. It’s worth noting, however, that the league has never forced an owner to give up his team.

Regardless of the NBA’s verdict, the fallout for Sterling has been swift. The 30 year Clippers owner had been set to receive a lifetime achievement award at an event next month, marking the 100th anniversary of the Los Angeles NAACP.

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, that’s no longer happening.

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