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What?! Naya Rivera Married!


What’s the fastest way to get over a broken engagement? If your name is Naya Rivera, a quickie wedding South of the Border!

Naya tied the knot in Cabo San Lucas over the weekend…and we suppose that wouldn’t be so strange…if the Glee beauty hadn’t broken up with rapper fiancé Big Sean like a nanosecond ago (they actually broke up in April). It looks like the singer/actress went all out for the nups — featured in all their photogenic glory in this week’s edition of People magazine. The blushing bride walked down the aisle with Ryan Dorsey, an Average Joe from West Virginia, who met Naya when he moved to her native Los Angeles in 2010.

Naya seems oblivious to the cries of “desperate” and “marriage-hungry” that are almost certainly headed her way.(Damn you, Twitter.) She sounded downright giddy in this statement on her newlywed status:

“We feel truly blessed to be joined as husband and wife. Our special day was fated and everything we could have ever asked for. True love always prevails.”

If Big Sean’s rantings about Rivera are rooted in truth, here’s to hoping the groom keeps 911 on speed dial and an umpire’s mask nearby. The rapper reportedly broke off his engagement to Naya after being scared off by her violent (and frequent) fits of anger and jealousy.

We hate to gossip (cue the laugh track), but that sure sounds like the Naya we know. Rewind back to 2010, when the star “allegedly” (Hint, Nudge, Wink) keyed sometime-boyfriend Mark Salling’s Lexus in one of those notorious jealous fits. The pair were co-stars on Glee at the time and enjoyed, what those in-the-know have called, a friends with benefits kind of relationship.

(Just my two cents: This is a glowing example of marriage-hunger and desperation for male validation at it’s finest. After a breakup (especially a public, messy one like the one Naya had with Big Sean), people need time to regroup, soul search and examine what went wrong. This can be a lengthy process, but it keeps us from repeating the same mistakes and subsequently re-selecting the same — wrong — type of person.
Not in the business of telling people what to do, but the process typically takes longer than three months. Why are some women so afraid to be alone?)


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