Natalie Portman “Black Swan” Sex Scenes Prompt Estrangement From Father

Natalie Portman, already one of the youngest Oscar nominees in the history of The Academy Awards, has once again sparked award buzz with her role in the dark drama Black Swan, but a series of barely-legal sex romps featured in the film may cause the stunning starlet her phenomenal relationship with her dad.

Portman, 28, plays troubled dancer Nina in the upcoming Darren Aronofsky movie. It is a role which sees the actress engage in raunchy love scenes with co-star Mila Kunis. The onscreen same-sex romance, however, has reportedly driven a wedge between Portman and her conservative father, Long Island MD Avner Hershlag, who disapproves of his famous daughter’s latest career move, if a new tabloid scoop is to be believed.

“Natalie is a very private and dignified person and is often influenced by her father’s approval,” an insider squealed in a chat with Britain’s Mail on Sunday over the weekend. “This, however, was one role she simply didn’t want to turn down even though she knew it would upset her father. He still sees her as his baby and always will and thinks showing herself like this is degrading. Things are very frosty between them right now,” the source added.

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