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NASA lands ‘Curiosity’ rover on Mars


Did you hear the cheers from Mission Control early this morning?

After a $2.5 billion investment, NASA officials have achieved success on Mars. Curiosity, the new rover has successfully landed on the Red Planet and beamed back 3 images.

“It’s an enormous step forward in planetary exploration. Nobody has ever done anything like this,” said John Holdren, the top science advisor to President Barack Obama. “It was an incredible performance.”

Curiosity launched from Cape Canaveral November, has traveled for 8 months in space and traveled over 350 million miles. Yesterday the rover triumphantly made its decent to Mars. Curiosity is designed to spend the next two years exploring Gale Crater and an unusual 3-mile- high mountain.

The landing of Curiosity is a huge lift to the spirits of NASA, after the shuttle program was forced to come to and end earlier this year.

Do you think NASA should be exploring Mars and other plants in our Solar System?


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