Naomi Campbell IRS Tax Debt Totals $63K

The Tax Man cometh for Naomi!

Our Favorite Hellraising supermodel — balding catwalker Naomi Campbell — is in trouble with the law again.

Relax, no electronic devices or mild-mannered housekeepers were injured in the model’s latest scrap with justice. It appears an inability to fork over the dough — not her explosive temper — is at the center of Campbell’s problems. On July 28, Naomi was slapped with an IRS tax lien for non-payment of taxes and Uncle Sam says it’s time for the British beauty to pay up!

According to the scoop first discovered by The Detroit News, the Internal Revenue Service has filed a $63,487 tax lien against Naomi with the New York Registrar’s office. The address on the tax lien is the famed Carnegie Hall Tower skyscraper in New York City owned by the model.

According to the lien, Naomi owes taxes assessed in 2009.

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