Naked Cowboy For Mayor Of New York City

Lucas Jackson

In “OMG, Are You Serious?” News, we have an update on a story we first brought you on Tuesday.

It’s official: NYC’s Naked Cowboy is throwing his hat into the ring.

Robert Burck, a fixture in Times Square for a decade, has made a profitable business from strumming a guitar for tourists dressed only in cowboy boots and white briefs. On Wednesday, the street performer announced his candidacy for New York City mayor in a live press conference from the pedestrian district where he makes his living.

“For me it’s going to be more about being a businessman and looking at things from a fresh perspective. Not because someone else is telling me what to do, but because I’m going to make the right choice because I’m not associated with anybody except the city as a whole,” the 38-year-old performance artist said Thursday.

His plans for the nation’s largest city include a Times Square wedding chapel, so that when gay marriage is legal, the city will be able to rival Las Vegas in the quickie wedding business. The Naked Cowboy is promising new ideas on tax breaks, tourism, public transportation, and homeland security.

Burck’s campaign motto is: “How to do more with less.”

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