Naked Amanda Beard PETA Ad August 7 Beijing Olympics

Amanda Beard PETA Ad Photo: “Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin. Don’t Wear Fur.”

Olympic swimming gold medalist Amanda Beard, 26, will appear nude in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) latest campaign in protest of the fur industry.

“Seeing animals slaughtered to be worn as fashion is awful to me, so I’m definitely against wearing fur … I’d much rather go naked than ever put a dead animal on my body,” reads the ad, which will feature Amanda posing in front of the Water Cube swimming venue.

Sports fans will get an eyeful of Amanda naked ad for PETA when the campaign premieres at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics this Wednesday.

Amanda’s no stranger to stripping down, the swimming champ posed nude for Playboy in 2007.

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