Nadya Suleman OctoMom iPhone Game

A Texas-based electronics company is working on a viral game inspired by media-mongering “OctoMom” Nadya Suleman.

The single and jobless 33-year-old, who brought her child tally up to 14 with the arrival of octuplets last January, has hired a lawyer to trademark her media moniker –OctoMom– as part of a plan to earn millions marketing diapers and a children’s clothing line.

But Nadya’s OctoMom Brand is in for some competition.

Super Happy Fun Fun Inc. has announced that it is developing an OctoMom iPhone game in which players “press on her [Nadya’s’] bellly and she has babies,” says company CEO Mark Pierce.

Here’s the kicker.

“Each baby earns welfare money,” Mark explains with glee.

The player with the most government-issued income wins!

Sometimes there just are no words….

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