My Bad Parent: Laugh out loud hilarity


No person on earth better documents the big whoopsies many parents commit better than Troy Osinoff. Fresh from the portals of success with his website, the highly acclaimed and self proclaimed “social media junkie” has turned his prowess to print with a book bearing the same namesake as his highly popular site. With a tagline which reads: “Do As I Say, Not As I Did,” Osinoff’s stance as a satirical genius with “My Bad Parent” is a hilarious romp through the foray of parenting feats and follies. Many will find it a sad sign of the times. Others will love the hearty laughter and comedic relief this pictorial example of what not to do as a parent provides.

With just 8 full pages of text tucked into 9 neat little chapters of hilarious pictures, any parent (and I do mean any) can peruse the 163 pages of absolute astonishment “My Bad Parent” offers. This book covers the basics all parents must face from conception (especially those hot drunken moments of lustful procreational passion) to the developmental stages of childhood (eating, drinking, eliminating, and sleeping).

Humbling in its humiliation, “My Bad Parent” is a witty response to epic parenting fails as moms, dads, and their offspring tackle the big issues of life. And also a direct jab to the child leashes, sex, booze, pets, drugs, potty training, travel, shopping, babysitters, playtime, strippers, and potential cannibalism of our present society and culture.

Each hurdle kids and parents jump, as the book shows, are only obstacles if you’ve lost your sense of humor. The dangerous terrain of growing up is only amplified within the softcover (better to be chewed by your teething baby) pages. Osinoff clearly shows that kids make everything better, even the most mundane and profane aspects of living. After all, with condom balloons, weaponry, snake charming, beer swilling, duct tape, stripper poles, and cooking equipment, anything is possible. Especially to a kid growing up with the aspirations of escaping the hold of his parents.

Make your children proud to be yours. Think first, act later. You’ll spare them the possibility of being in Osinoff’s next book. Especially when you accidentally (again) lock the kids in the car with the keys. Or forget to wake them from the bottom of the shopping cart at Walmart. Or walk them to into school wearing your pajamas.

The lens of objectivity Osinoff offers (since he’s childless) provides the perfect perspective of the canvas from which truly horrible and outrageous parenting is crafted. Upon rejecting hundreds of photographs, Osinoff’s readership attracts all who question the authority of parents as they practice the cluelessness of childrearing. Kids will be kids. Hope for humanity lies in the little people of the world evolving beyond their folks, as it always has.

For the best $14 laugh you can buy, pick up your copy of , “My Bad Parent.” From the candid collection of photographs to the comical, you’ll-laugh-so-hard-you’ll-cry captions, this book has something everyone can relate to. Whatever you do, please don’t let small children or those perfect parents who never blunder get their hands on a copy. They’ll outsmart those of us who have accepted and laughed at our imperfections in no time (not that they haven’t already). No one is perfect. Contrary to what many might think, our mistakes are what make us human. And often these moments cause us to learn at the cruel hand of experience. Sometimes our master is life, other times it’s the very people responsible for supplying us with what is supposed to be unconditional protection, support, and of course, love. Either way, life is better with laughter. And humor. And fun.

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