Musical Chairs Game Show Greenlit By The CW Network

Musical Chairs isn’t exactly War of the Roses, but if small screen producers get their way, the classic birthday party staple will soon receive a facelift for the modern age: The CW Network is developing a television reality/game show inspired by the original game.

They’re calling it Extreme Musical Chairs — Think Wipeout Meets Outdoor Recess. In case you spent your childhood, trapped in a closet, Musical Chairs characterized by blasting intervals of music, a gaggle of toots, and a circle of chairs — one less than the number of players. When music the stops, everyone hops into the nearest seat as quickly as they can be. The player left standing without a chair is booted. By comparison, the proposed show — which does not yet have an airdate — would amp up the game to include an obstacle course, presumably making it difficult to grab that last chair, Variety reports.

“The series would transform the popular children’s game into a physically demanding competition with multiple rounds of elimination set in an indoor obstacle course,” a network insider spills.

Will you watch?

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