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Multitalented James Franco Plays Both Joey and Rachel in New ‘Making a Scene’ Episode [WATCH]


At this point, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is little, if anything, James Franco cannot do. The multihyphenate personage has tackled so many feats in his lifetime, has worn so many hats, that truly, it was only a matter of time before he tried on the Rachel wig.

In the latest episode of Franco’s AOL webseries “Making a Scene,” Franco parodies “Friends,” playing the roles of both Joey and Rachel in what looks like a recreation of the show’s early days. Ross comes in with Marcel atop his shoulder; Rachel is still sporting her signature layered ‘do, and Chandler is small and shrunken in a short-sleeve button-up with vertical stripes, looking like the “Friends” costume department had been raided.

This latest episode sees the six friends lounging at Central Perk—where else? Ross comes in during a rousing rendition of “Smelly Cat” and asks everyone be serious…this is an intervention.

Rachel (James Franco) assures Ross that they’ll “be there for him” and when Ross returns, he’s sporting a monkey, Marcel, who is in dire need of an intervention.

That’s where the trailer ends. The rest of the episode can be watched here, if you’re so willing.

The effect is the same as every single one of Franco’s other projects: the feeling that you still have no idea whether he’s certifiably insane or an unmitigated genius. What’s for sure is that he wears the Rachel just as well as Jennifer Aniston did in 1995.

Lisa Lo Paro
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