MTV “A Double Shot At Love With The Ikki Twins” Trailer Video

Well “Ikki” is one word for it…

It’s a wrap for Tila Tequila, but MTV isn’t done with its bisexual-themed unscripted format just yet.

Bisexual identical twin sisters Rikki and Vikki, a.k.a. the “Ikki Twins,” will replace the unlucky in love Asian minx in a new installment of A Shot at Love — now titled A Double Shot at Love –debuting December 9 on MTV.

The buxom sibs are models, whose work has appeared on billboards, calendars, print ads, and car magazines across North America.

Rikki and Vikki will have their pick from twelve guys and twelve girls, who will live under one roof and compete in challenges to be the last man–or woman–standing.

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