Mother Of Gosselin Nanny Accuses Jon Of Seducing Daughter

Marci Santoro, the mother of The Gosselin Family’s nanny Stephanie Santoro, is spilling the beans on how lothario Jon Gosselin “manipulated and used” her impressionable 23-year-old daughter.

Oh brother….

In a bombshell interview with the Sept. 28 issue of In Touch Weekly, Stephanie claims she did the sideways samba with the still-married star of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 nearly a dozen times “after all the kids were in bed.” Despite her recent branding as a homewrecker, Marci insists her girl was duped into the tawdry affair by Jon’s false promises and soft-spoken charm.

“This has taken an emotional toll on Stephanie,” the 42-year-old says in the Sept. 28 issue of Star. “I want to tell Stephanie’s side of the story,” she declares. “I see this same scenerio happening over and over again with him and all these girls who are years younger — its like their whole lives are being turned upside down.”

According to the Mad Mama, Jon and Stephanie met while the single mother began working at a Gymboree store near the Gosselin’s Wernersville, Pennsylvania home. In July, Stephanie quit her job as a cocktail waitress to work as a babysitter for the family’s brood for $25 an hour. During their affair, Marci claims Jon promised Stephanie a new job, a new car, and a home to share with her 20-month-old daughter, Valerie.

Marci is livid that Jon Gosselin “used” Stephanie as a pawn in his deranged love game with estranged wife Kate.

“This has ripped apart Stephanie’s life. People are saying things, and they aren’t true. They don’t know my daughter. She is an innocent victim.”

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