Most Outrageous Celebrity Requests: The Little Red Riders Book: The Backstage Requests Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Most Famous Art

The Little Red Riders Book: The Backstage Requests Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Most Famous Art is a new book chronicling Hollywood’s most outrageous celebrity demands. From used chewing gum attendants for Mariah Carey to bald hookers, check out this list of Most Outrageous Celebrity Requests.

– Paul McCartney
Nineteen leafy 6ft plants. Four leafy 4ft plants. Vegetarian catering (including no meat by-products).

– Mariah Carey
Cristal champagne. One box of bendy straws. One special attendant to dispose of used chewing gum. Tea service for eight. A Honey Bear pack of honey. Two air purifiers. Puppy. Kittens.

– Robbie Williams
No alcohol. Four ashtrays. Two packs of cigarettes. Two full-length mirrors. Two deodorants. Two freshly laundered towels. Toothpicks. Soap. A melon platter. A fruit platter. Evian. Peppermint drops. Chocolate. Soft loo paper.

– The Police
Organic food. Cough mixture.

– Rolling Stones
HP sauce. Shepherd’s pie. Paintbrushes. Snooker table. TV (capable of showing cricket matches). Toilet (on wheels). Scroll down for more…
Specific tastes: Rocker Marilyn Manson requests a bald, toothless hooker while Beyonce insists all products are Pepsi

– Lily Allen
A bottle of Jack Daniel’s. Four bottles of champagne. Twelve packets of Monster Munch (pickled onion flavour). A puppy (for the night only).

– Charlotte Church
Iron. Ironing board. Steamed vegetables – asparagus, broccoli, carrots. English breakfast tea. Maltesers.

– Keith Richards
A guitar strap. Chicken sandwiches. Diet Coke. Cigarettes.

– Jools Holland
Fifty clean pint glasses. 5 bottles of good quality champagne. 12 local postcards with 1st class stamps.

– The Darkness
Absinthe. Fruit smoothies.

– Nirvana
Macaroni cheese.

– Marilyn Manson
Air-conditioning always on full. Haribo gummi bears. Doritos. Microwave popcorn. Bottle of Absinthe. A bald hooker with no teeth.

– Prince
A physician. All food to be covered in clear plastic wrap. Scroll down for more…
Diminuitive jazz musician Jamie Cullum demands 43 bottles of alcohol while known party-girl Charlotte Church asks for steamed vegetables

– Frank Sinatra
An ear, nose and throat specialist with the anti-inflammatory drug Decadron.

– Motley Crue
Mayonnaise. Grey Poupon Dijon mustard. Creamy peanut butter. A 12ft-long boa constrictor. A sub-machine gun. Local Alcoholics’ Anonymous meeting schedules.

– David Hasselhoff
Life-size cut-out of David Hasselhoff.

– Sammy Davis Jr
Assortment of groovy chicks.

– Al Jonson
A plaque on the dressing-room door that reads: “Al Jolson – World’s Greatest Entertainer”.

– Artic Monkeys
Special K. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. Two cooked chickens. A novel of the venue’s choice. Two cases of cider. Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum. A novelty Yo-Yo.

– Marc Almond
Cornflakes. Two dressing rooms. Red towels.

– Britney Spears
Two boxes of Pop Tarts. Fruit Loops. Cable television. Two 6ft sofas. Odour-free carpet. A phone line.

– Led Zeppellin
Iron. Ironing board.

– Janet Jackson
Chaise longue. Ten black roses. Marmite. Male catering staff.

– Beyonce
Pepsi products only. Honey Nut Cheerios. Ginger root. A two-man love seat. 78F in dressing room. Toilet scrubbed with disinfectant. No sweets, chocolate or crisps in dressing room.

– Barbra Streisand
Rose petals in toilet.

– Madonna
A new toilet seat. 25 cases of Kabbalah water.

– James Blunt
120 bottles of beer. 12 bottles of Magners cider. 4 bottles of vodka. 3 bottles of white wine. 2 bottles of champagne.

– Oasis
“Lots of” Guinness. “Lots of” beer. “Lots of” red wine. “Lots of” vodka. A bottle of whisky. Monster Munch. Wotsits. Doritos and dip.

– The Pogues
24 bottles of beer. A bottle each of gin, vodka, dry white wine, Martini, brandy, champagne, ginger beer. A bottle of Rock shandy. Two bottles of non-alcoholic Beck’s. Marlboro Red and Lights. Benson & Hedges. Chocolate.

– Jennifer Lopez
White flowers. White tablecloths. White curtains. White candles. White couches. Lowwatt lightbulbs. Coffee to be stirred counter-clockwise. Skittles.

– Will Young
Pink champagne. Pink towels.

– Elton John
74 towels. Flowers (NO chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations or daisies).

– P Diddy
204 towels. 20 bars of soap. Two bottles of Hennessy cognac. Two bottles of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. Two bottles of Veuve Clicquot. A bottle of Dom Perignon. Grey Goose vodka. Boom box. Bouquet of white flowers. Cheddar cheese and sour-cream chips. Sweet Tarts. A $300,000 bullet-proof Maybach.

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