Mornin’ Crunch Crumbs: Tiger Woods Ads Disappear From TV; Rihanna Tours UK; Rivers Cuomo Update

-A collection of dresses worn by Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn earned more than $400,000 at an auction in London Tuesday…..

-Advertisements featuring disgraced golfer Tiger Woods have disappeared from primetime TV. Not one of his endorsed commercials have aired since Nov. 30….

-In related news, a broken tooth keeps Tiger in hiding…..

-Rihanna is touring the United Kingdom….

-Rivers Cuomo suffered a punctured lung and cut spleen in that tour bus crash last weekend. On a more positive not, he’s expected to recover just fine…..

-TNT has picked up freshman drama Dark Blue for a second season….

– What are the worst movies of the decade? (I nominate Jason X — a horrible piece of film that stunk up the silver screen in 2002.)

Time ranks the Top TV episodes of 2009…..

-Jessika Baier, a 21-year-old Jackson, Mississippi DJ who auditioned for American Idol last year, was killed early yesterday in a Michigan car crash….

-Actress Joely Richardson still struggles to cope with the sudden death of her sister Natasha earlier this year…..

-Tyler Perry loses his mom……

-SJP suffers a wardrobe malfunction

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