More Vanessa Hudgens Nude Pictures


One of the more covered up pictures from the Vanessa Hugens nude picture set

Vanessa Hudgens obviously didn’t learn her lesson from the last time she had a nude photo scandal, when pictures she took for ex-boyfriend Zac Efron ended up online. Hudgens has had more naked pictures released, this time leaked from her BlackBerry. See the pictures after the jump!

We’ve got a dozen candid Hudgens pictures here, not all nude, but it’s clear Vanessa doesn’t mind showing off the goods since she’s obviously not being any more careful since the last episode. Do you think Hudgens will ever learn that nudity + cameras shouldn’t go together when you’re famous??

The new Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures (unfortunately we’ve gotten a ton of takedown legal threats, so the Vanessa Hudgens Nude photos are now down)

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