More Plastic Surgery For Sheyla Hershey: Brazilian Bombshell Wants Record-Setting Breasts Back

When Brazilian-born bombshell Sheyla Hershey had emegency surgery last summer to remove the world record-setting breast implants (38 M) that left her with life-threatening staph and strep infections, she said she was looking forward to having “normal” sized breasts so that she could live long enough to see her children grow up.

Well….Sheyla’s changed her mind.

After Hershey completely heals from her breast reduction, she wants to go under the knife again to replace her large implants and retain her world record. The confessed plastic surgery addict tells reporters in her hometown of Houston that she’ll soon undergo more surgery to regain her massive mammaries because…well, if she doesn’t have bigger breasts she would have “risked [her] life for nothing.”

“I’ve been having a hard time, going from Triple-K breasts to nothing. My clothes are so saggy.”


Please, someone (Preferably a Shrink) help this woman before it’s too late!

Sheyla is working on her memoirs.

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