Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel file for divorce


After 14 years of marriage actress Monica Bellucci and husband, Vincent Cassel have filed for divorce.

“Vincent Cassel confirms that he is separating from his wife Monica Bellucci by mutual agreement,” said a statement released by Cassel’s spokeswoman, without revealing further details. The couple met while filming The Apartment in France back in 1996. They share two daughters together, Deva, 8, and Leonie, 3.

Monica has appeared in films around the world including, Matrix Reloaded and Terry Gilliam’s The Brothers Grimm. Vincent has starred in Ocean’s Twelve and The Black Swan.

The pair have both commented openly about living very separate lives. In February 2013 Monica told Vanity Fair Spain, that Cassel owned homes in London, Rome and his native Paris, and were thinking of buying another in Brazil—and that they were together but maintained separate lives. “I never get involved in the choice of his papers nor in mine,” Bellucci said. “We are very independent, we live in different worlds: His friends are your friends, mine are different.”

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