Mod Sun Releases His New Song And Video ‘Never Quit’ Ft Travis Barker: An Ode To Marijuana


“Surgeon General Warning: Marijuana is a flower like all other flowers you are familiar with. It is found in the wild, and possesses natural healing capabilities.”- Mod Sun

One day after announcing the release date of his debut album with Rostrum Records, Mod Sun returns with a new video and song featuring Travis Barker called Never Quit, a song about the love of marijuana smoking.

Never Quit has a little punk rock surf feel, with Mod gleefully yelling “I’ll never quit, never quit smoking.” Barker appears on the drums in video as he a Mod Sun rip though the song while the camera follows the adventure of a teenage boy dressed up as a marijuana plant.

Mod Sun’s album comes our March 10 and the band goes on tour in February check out those tour dates below:


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