Missy Franklin grabs Gold; Gets a Tweet from Justin Bieber

17-year old Missy Franklin captured our nation last night when she won Gold in 100M Backstroke.

The Colorado native set an American record with 58.33 seconds last night, after 14 minutes before, she qualified in the 200m freestyle.

“It was absolutely unbelievable,” Missy said of beng on the podium, listening to the National Anthem play. “I was trying to sing but I was like crying at the same time. I forgot the words because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just a huge mess. Seeing that flag being raised was so incredibly unbelievable. I never dreamed it would feel like that. It just sort of — all the things I have gone through passed through my mind. The early-morning wake-ups, the practices, the doubles, all the meets I have been to, all the friends I have made — just everything kind of leading up to that moment, it was so unbelievably worth it.”

NBC aired a piece about Franklin’s life at home and mentioned that like most 17-year olds, Missy is a fan of Justin Bieber. “heard @FranklinMissy is a fan of mine. now im a fan of hers too. CONGRATS on winning GOLD! #muchlove,” Justin tweeted to Missy. A couple of hours later, Missy responded….”I just died! Thankyou!”

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