“Mission: Impossible IV” Shelved?

Les Grossman may be hot, but Ethan Hunt is not.

Paramount Pictures is reconsidering pulling the plug on plans to produce a fourth Mission: Impossible feature due to the underwhelming reception for Tom Cruise’s new Cameron Diaz-assisted comedy Knight and Day.

Mission is scheduled to hit theaters on Dec. 16, 2011, but studio bosses fear Cruise no longer has the star power to bring in mayjah bank at the box office.

Deadline Hollywood — who first reported this scoop — writes: “Hollywood has been buzzing that the studio might kill MI4 if Knight doesn’t connect with audiences despite Cruise’s action hero character. What are Paramount’s choices? The studio could choose not to accept the mission, but that seems next to impossible after all the development that’s already gone into this still viable franchise. Especially after Paramount repaired its fractured relationship with Tom around this film and just committed to a film with his Les Grossman character.”

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