Mischa Barton Sober Coach

Mischa Barton has hired a sober companion to help her battle her dangerous addictions to drugs and alcohol, In Touch Weekly reports in its August 10 issue.

Mischa has been a staple on the blogosphere since she was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center under a 5150 hold two weeks ago after allegedly telling Los Angeles Police Officers, “I see tree people.”

While Mischa’s worried friends are begging her to check into a rehab facility, the nearly-broke British-born actress is more worried about saving her sinking career. Mischa is scheduled to begin shooting the new CW series The Beautiful Life this Friday, July 31. A trip to inpatient treatment “could be a violation of her contract,” one concerned pal explains.

Instead, Mischa has submitted to show bosses’ demands that she be accompanied at all times by a sobriety counselor —who will guide her along the road to recovery.

“She thinks it’s silly, but she doesn’t have a choice. The producers have put on probation. Any more missteps won’t be tolerated.”

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