Mischa Barton Admitted To Psych Ward; Mischa Barton Emotional Breakdown


Mischa’s in the looney bin!

Mischa Barton was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold (also known as a 5150) by the Los Angeles Police Department on Wednesday evening, an unidentified source close to the star revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood this afternoon.

On Wednesday, Access LAPD officers reported to the 23-year-old Hollywood Hills home after receiving a non-911 call from her residence around 3 PM. A patrol car responded to the scene and began assisting Barton with a “medical issue,” a spokesperson for the department confirmed later that evening.

The source claimed that Barton was placed under Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institute and transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centerions Code. As you may recall, this is the same code was used to hold Britney Spears in the Cedars psych ward in January 2008

Mischa — who rose to fame as Marissa Cooper on the now-axed FOX hit The O.C. — was collared on DUI charges in 2008, but has managed to stay on the right side of the law in the months since the incident. Noticably heavier, Mischa’s recent weight gain has landed the young star on the front page of tabloids in her native Britain over the past several weeks.

According to the code, authorities can hold a person involuntarily if they present a danger to themselves or others, are gravely disabled, or suffer from a mental disorder.

Hopefully, Mischa pulls through whatever is troubling her…

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