Miranda Kerr Bisexual Hint: “Never Say Never”

Is Miranda Kerr trying to tell us something?

Dust off your best pickup lines, Ladies and Gents. The newly-single supermodel, 30, is back on the prowl and accepting applications.

Note: Male genitalia not required.

Eat your heart out, Orlando!

It’s been six months since Miranda and her husband of three years, actor Orlando Bloom, announced their separation. In an interview with the May issue of British GQ, the dimple-cheeked vixen — mom to two-year-old son Flynn — says she’s already dating again…with an interest on fun and casual.

This time around, Miranda’s keeping her options open.

“I’m dating. I’m loving it. Two happy parents are better than two unhappy parents. This is my time to explore and have some fun. I’m not looking to fall in love again quickly. I appreciate both men and women. I love the female body and truly appreciate the female form. I really enjoy sketching women, especially their backs. I definitely need a man in the bedroom, however — a nice strong chest to lie on. Still, I want to explore. Never say never.”

Singledom, however, has its downside, the catwalker says.

“…One thing I’ve noticed is now that I’m having less sex my body isn’t as toned. The more sex I have, the more defined my arms and stomach get.”

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