Miranda Barbour: Craigslist Serial Killer?

We smell a Lifetime movie abrewin…Authorities in Pennsylvania are “concerned” after 19-year-old Satanist Miranda Barbour — facing the death penalty, along with her husband, in the murder of a local man — claimed she lured as many as 22 men to their deaths, many of whom she met on Craigslist.

If Barbour is to be believed, law enforcement officials in four states may have a Craigslist serial killer on their hands. And if that sounds familiar, well, it should: In 2010, Phillip Markoff, studious college grad, was charged with multiple counts of murder after allegedly hunting sex workers as the Original Craigslist Killer.

The 24-year-old former Boston University student was suspected of killing at least three women in Massachusetts and New York after contacting them through advertisements for “Erotic Services” posted on the classified website. Markoff committed suicide in a Massachusetts jail the August before his trial was set to begin.

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