Minnesota Timberwolves Sign The Closest Available Player Prior To Knicks Game


The Minnesota Timberwolves and The New York Knicks have been fighting for the title of most embarrassing team most of the season, and somehow, prior to last night’s game, the Timberwolves only had 7 players that were able to play.

As odd as that may sound, their injuries and lack of depth in the roster caused the strange occurrence, and as a result, the team turned to the closest available player, allowing Sean Kilpatrick to suit up for the game, which was held at Madison Square Garden.

The Timberwolves had the overwhelmingly large number of 8 players on the injured list and needed someone to get there fast. Kilpatrick was playing for the Delaware 87ers, a D-League team that apparently ripped their name off of the 76ers, and was signed to a 10-day contract.

He arrived in New York less than an hour before tip-off, and whether his presence made a difference or not, the Timberwolves did get a win out of it, defeating the Knicks 95-92 in an evenly matched game between two of the league’s worst teams.

Of course, anyone who has followed college basketball closely over the past few years will know that Sean Kilpatrick is not just some random guy they picked up. He played for Cincinnati and was one of the stars of the Big East and later the American Athletic Conference, following the Big East’s team shakeup.

Despite being named one of the 10 semi-finalists for the Naismith College Player Of The Year, he somehow went undrafted and ended up playing for two different teams in the D-League over the past year. However, he may have just got his lucky break due to the incredibly unfortunate roster situation that the Timberwolves had.

Kilpatrick is originally from New York, and his parents were actually able to see him play in his NBA debut in Madison Square Garden, not a bad deal for finding out about the gig just hours before and driving himself there.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been in a tough race for the worst in the NBA with the Knicks and a couple of others, but even if they do land in last place, that only gives them a 25% chance of receiving the first overall pick in the draft.

Tell US: Did The Timberwolves just get super lucky and find a new potential star?

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