Miley’s Brother Trace Cyrus Has A Crush On Vanessa Hudgens


Miley Cyrus’ older brother has a serious crush on Disney star Vanessa Hudgens.

Trace Cyrus, the tattooed and pierced Metro Station rocker, says he’s sure Baby V would be happier on the of someone with more edge– like himself — rather than her current boyfriend, song and dance man Zac Efron.

“He is not competition. Zac should watch out for me. I mean honestly, look at him and then look at me.”

“Vanessa is mine,” he told Bravo during a recent trip to Germany. “I love her with all my heart.” “I met her once at an event,” Trace recalled. “Unfortunately, Zac was in the way.”

“I have an idea to steal Vanessa; I will let my sister Miley arrange a meeting. Then Vanessa will realize I am right for her.”

“Besides, she looks better in my arms!”

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