Miley Cyrus Turns Down Fan’s Prom Invite


It’s that time of year. You know; the season where Average Joes and Janes send out viral requests begging celebrities to attend various social functions.

It all started back in 2011, when a servicewoman invited Justin Timberlake to a military ball. Soon Betty White and Kate Upton were approached — virally, of course — with similar requests.

Now its Miley Cyrus’ turn. The supposed Twerk Queen has responded to a fan who asked to take her to his prom.

High school senior Matt Peterson has become something of a small-time celeb after he invited the oft-undressed “Wrecking Ball” singer to accompany him to the prom. Perhaps not surprisingly, Matt’s video featured him wearing very little clothing, a foam finger and a bouquet of roses.

“Miley, I have been a fan of yours from the beginning. You’ve changed my life, and I want to repay you by giving you the best night of your life. In order to do that, allow me to take you to my Prom on May 3, 2014. I promise you, we will have a great time.. and after our first encounter, I won’t cry on your dress. I hope you will tell me yes when I’m sitting with roses in the 6th row at your BANGERZ tour in Phoenix on Febuary [sic] 27th!”

Matt and Miley are ole chums…sorta. A young Peterson briefly met the singer/actress when she was at the height of popularity as the star of Disney’s Hannah Montana. Miley was in town doing some promo work at a local radio station.

While Miley turned down the prom invite, she made up for it by inviting the teen to “hang” out at her upcoming concert in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

“Dear Matt Peterson, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to prom BUT why don’t you come to my AZ show & hang w me? Don’t forget a corsage (sic)”

Drats! Ok, so he didn’t get exactly what he wanted. Matt, however, was delighted with Miley’s response and seems to be looking forward to the show.

“I need a tongue tuxedo made by the 27th. THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!! #mileyprom [sic]”


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