Miley Cyrus Is In Trouble With Mexican Authorities



Miley Cyrus is currently being investigated by the Mexican Authorities due to a stunt she pulled during a recent concert in Monterrey, Mexico Tuesday night.

During one of Miley’s performances dancers pretended to whip her comically-large prosthetic butt with tiny Mexican flags.

Manuel Rueda,  Fushion’s Mexico City correspondent, reported that the incident, which has been “widely covered” by local press, has actually violated a law which protects “national emblems, the flag and the national anthem.”

He explains:

The 35-page law protecting national symbols regulates the proper use of Mexico’s flag in schools, public buildings, and during government ceremonies, but does not exactly include any clause specific to butt-flogging.
Article 52 does, however, say that acts which show “disrespect for the flag and national symbols, will be punished according to their seriousness and the condition of the person who commits them.”

Disrespecting the flag the way Miley did can be punishable with fines up to 250 minimum wages, or 36 hours in jail. And if the infraction is committed for commercial purposes, the crime can be punished with a fine of up to 1,000 minimum [daily] wages — or roughly $5,200.

This flag law is no joke. Apparently , Mexican pop singer Paulina Rubio was fined $4,000 for draping a Mexican flag around her naked body on the cover of a Spanish magazine.

You can see it happening at 2:20 in this video:

Source: rt, ONTD

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